So what’s a day like in the life of a Waterloo Region Roofer? It’s not as boring as you think!

Let me tell you what a day is like for my crew.

We wake up bright and early – sometimes as early as 5:00 am — working rooftop in the early mornings when it’s nice and cool is preferable.

BEFORE we even think about “suiting up” – we grab our coffees.. from where? Well, we wouldn’t be Canadian if we didn’t go to Tim Hortons! We load in trucks and carpool – and we all grab our morning java to give us the kick start we need to get going on your roofs. It’s a roofers necessity!

We usually know where we’re going prior to the morning of – so we arrive on site with all of our gear prepared and ready to start (some of it shown below) and hop (safely) on rooftop. Some of the roofs are crazy steep, and others are flat – we’re always safe and use precautions to ensure we don’t harm us or the site we’re working on.


Depending on the job we have to do for the day – the crew varies. If we’re doing a new-build with a new roof – all hands on deck. If we’re re-roofing or fixing repairs – we don’t always need the entire crew.

” I love working for Allan Beach Roofing – it’s been around for 30 some years, they’re honest, fair, work hard, treat us great and appreciate us. The clients love us, we’re neat, tidy, professional and we all care about doing a quality, long lasting job” – Adam S – Roofer ( 4 + years)

Rooftop can really be fun – we always focus on our jobs, but during break time we’ll joke, talk about our families, the weather, or the great work we’ve accomplished so far. The Boss brings us treats or coffee, and we all generally get along well. We get some of the best views in the region so it changes your perspective sometimes – really makes you appreciate what you have, and the great community we live in.

Kitchener Roofing

” When I first started at Allan Beach Roofing I was an apprentice – they showed me a lot and I fell in love with roofing. What do I like the best? The great crew I work with and your job site is different every day – makes it interesting. ” Joseph M – Roofer

We do absolutely love roofing. Nothing makes us happier than a roof done right – and that’s exactly what we do. We provide families with a safe roof over their heads. What’s a house without a roof?! It’s like poutine without cheese, hockey without a stick, Tim Horton’s without coffee!! … You get the picture. The roof is key.


We want to work for you  – we want to show you that : ” The proof is on the roof” !

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