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Must Know Facts

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These are some of the things you should know before getting any work done on your roof.

Get to know the five basic materials:

  1. Asphalt Shingles: These are the cheapest option. Well known for being flat and generic.
  2. Wood Shake: These are shingles that are more attractive but demand a higher price.
  3.  Metal Roofing: These roofings are not very common in the industry and are only used for certain jobs.
  4. Slate Roofing: This is the attractive roofing option that most people want for aesthetic purposes.
  5. Rubber Slate: These are made from recycled synthetics.


Getting rid of your bad shingles first and then reroofing VS overlaying the bad shingles with another roof

Putting a roof on top of your bad shingles is an easier process, but it might not be the best one if you have an old house or if you don’t know how structurally stable the roof is. This is because adding on an additional roof on top of the shingles adds an immense amount of weight and that could be damaging, even dangerous.

Also, before putting the new shingles on top of the bad ones, you will have to patch up some of the bad areas on the roof, otherwise they will affect how you place the new shingles on top and that will not look nice.

Now, it would seem that replacing the shingles altogether is the better option. However, this is a tough process which should only be handled by professional roofers (like us) and you should avoid doing this by yourself if you’re not competent enough.


The Roofing Process

  • Take off all shingles
  • Repair the roof underneath
  • Put in ice dam protection
  • Place asphalt paper on the roof
  • Put in place the new shingles while working upwards