When you do the following roofing no-no’s, it really does break a roofers heart – AND potentially your roof !!

Please, use this is a humorous but serious list of “not-to-do’s” on your roof: 

NO-NO #1: 

  • Clean those gutters! Get in there, and make them spic & span. Don’t have time or desire? No problem – below is a link of companies in KW that cna do it for you. Don’t leave debris, clutter, leaves, and other miscellaneous objects in your gutters – it will clog everything up, it will back up into the roof and cause you big time damage if not looked after ( and a big time bill that could have been avoided!) Save your stress and your roofer’s heartache by keeping on top of your gutters.

Companies in KW

NO-NO #2: 

  • Nobody wants you to raise the roof, sing on the roof, look at the stars, or check out the durability of the roof. Get off the roof. Don’t damage it. Unless you’re a musical and you have a fiddle: get off the roof!!

Guelph Roofing

NO-NO #3: 

  • If you don’t have netflix or the anrdoid box and you want a satellite – no problem – totally up to you. I am here to tell you that if you screw in your satellite to the roof, the only reception you will have is an invitation from in climate weather and leaks. Holes in your roof? No thanks.

NO-NO #4: 

  • Pressure. Please, whatever you do, don’t use a pressure washer on your roof. It may be a simple, smart and fast fix to clean the roof ( and the gutters) but it damages shingles, and the power in those babies is just too much power. Nobody likes pressure – including your roof.

NO-NO #5: 

  • Trees. Tree’s are important, beautiful, give you shade, oxygen and shelter for animals – but the roof doesn’t need shade or shelter. It needs complete freedom. Trees should be trimmed. The residue from trees not to mention the leaves, branches and animals that could potentially hang out on your rooftop is not needed. trim those trees!!


NO-NO #6: 

  • DIY. Save the DIY for crafts in the home – do not, whatever you do, try to fix your roof yourself. You may end up falling through, falling off, and creating even more damage. Do yourself a favor – just call us and we’ll give you a free estimate and assess the damage. Trust us – we’ve been in business for over 36 years. We know roofs.

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