Are you a new home owner? Congratulations! You’re in for a world of freedom, fun and fixing. Seriously. It’s a huge responsibility, and you want to protect your things, and most importantly: your loved ones. Make sure you know all about your roof.

We like to call it: “Your roof-lationship.”

Having a solid relationship with your roof is key. Knowing what it needs, how it’s kept happy, and how to KEEP it happy and healthy are the same elements as a marriage. Treat it like one. Never neglect it, or the whole house will go to shambles.

So lets get started. This is my handy checklist.

New Roof Construction 2

  1. What kind of shingles do you have? Find out. Then you can ask the pros ( like us) how long it will last (roughly)
  2. When is the last time the roof was replaced or repaired? Your Realtor or previous home owners should provide this information. Knowing this will help you to better understand when you should start saving for your next roof.
  3. Prevent.Prevent.Prevent. Check your roof. Every spring and fall. That’s our advice -more is better. Checking the roof for no reason makes for a happy bank account because you are literally, ON TOP OF IT.
  4. When is it time to call us? If your shingles are falling, chipping or flying off the roof – pull out your phone. Put us on speed dial. We’ll come out, give you a free estimate.
  5. Who installed the roof? Knowing who did it in the first place, if it wasn’t us, is helpful. Why? Because your roof or shingles may still be under warranty.

Remember: The proof is on the roof. Call us for any roofing questions, concerns or help/advice. We’re here for you.

We know roofing!


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