There’s nothing like a good looking house when you’re the seller. But there’s also nothing like a bad-looking house when you are the seller!

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Today I want to talk to you about getting your house ready to sell. Think of the roof as the  motor of the vehicle, or the jewel on the crown. It’s one of the first things home-buyers will see, and of course – one of the first things that will be inspected with a proper and licensed home inspector.

A bad roof that looks rough just won’t cut it. It’s a bad first impression and you only get one chance when you’re putting the for sale sign on your lawn.

We’ve worked with plenty of new builds and older houses too – and if the roof isn’t up to snuff, and the shingles are shakey, you are probably not going to get the sale amount that you want. In addition to that, buyers may not event bid because they are now unsure of the quality of other aspects of the house.

Look for a few things first like: 

  1. Shabby, crusty shingles
  2. Curling shingles
  3. Patches of shingles on your roof
  4. the obvious leaks and cracks inside of your home/ceiling/wall.


If you’re thinking of selling your house, and you’re not sure about your roof – give us a call. We’ll give you a free estimate for roof repairs or replacement. We’ll go over details with you. We will happily work with your Realtor to make sure your house sells for top dollar. We are here to provide you with a safe roof over your head and we want the best for our clients!

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